When acting as a particle

Watched Opeth play Chennai last weekend. Was definitely my best metal experience so far. Many Bangalore lads and ladies seemed to have made themselves right at home there for the weekend. Spoke to this guy with a big cruise bike who explained he'd found his way to Chen but was still unsure about the venue's location.
Took a walk to the beach before gig and had a ball. The ocean was quite friendly. Wished we lived close to the beach. Sadly mused about the lack of anything worthwhile to do in the evenings back home.
Anyways, Opeth came. Opened with Heir Apparent, finished with The Drapery Falls.
Mikael Ã…kerfeldt sweats death and is a riot!
They would finish one seriously heavy song and then he'd let slip some killer jazz wankery absentmindedly while talking to the crowd.
I think it's time DT made a quiet exit and lived peaceably.

The Oscars died about a week after the previous post.
Got Piranhas now, four of them.
I thought they lacked character (compared to Oscars), but they move and eat real quick.
And they eat. With one insatiable apetite.
I think I'm overfeeding. I always stop because of the danger that they might burst if they ate any more.

About to embark on a Philip K Dick trip.
Reading Ubik at the moment. Is very very interesting.


Cichlid Designs

Fancied having an aquarium for a while now. The last one I kept was about five years ago. One can of sardines it was, with at least a dozen little buggers in less than ten liters of water. That setup lasted for a bit. There were frequent deaths, of course. Would keep replacing deceased members with cheaper and less hardy varieties.
Lost interest in the whole thing after a time. I remember going on a two month vacation to Trivandrum and returning to find a bone dry tank with familiar shapes fossilized into a layer of dry muck.

Several others have perished under my care ever since, both living and otherwise.

Acquired a modest sized aquarium and bought a pair of Astronotus ocellatus this morning. I'm told that Oscars can withstand some abuse, and they're also supposed to be smarter than the average goldfish.
They don't go nuts about the food pellets I gave them, and that worries me.
Maybe its the new environment or something.
Other than that, Taira and Taishi are quite a sober pair.

Will put a picture or two up soon.