a little hello

I've moved into a new comfort zone. A typical day in my life consists of waking up in my skin and taking it off, bit by bit, as the day progresses. It's getting pretty toasty here these days y'know. I put them fully back on before scurrying homeward and into my safe little box in the evening though.
Is this what they call 'traveling without moving'?
Whatever it is, I think I'm fine for the moment.
Examples to support preceding statement :
1. I'm watching an amazing story play itself out around me. (More on this later)
2. Lamb of God @ Palace Grounds, May 15th! (Opeth. Check. Porcupine Tree. Check. LoG. ...)
3. I'm enjoying church.
4. No more of this insane college. Just exams and then jump.
5. Deadmau5 and Heinlein make sure I'm in decent company.
6. Booster Juice is now in my neighborhood. I'm stoked! Now somebody get Chipotle to open one up here please.
7. Ah, and new musical possibilities.

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